Vita from Dr. Alex Witasek

Born on 29th of January 1955 in Salzburg, Austria
During school time studying of Violoncello in Mozarteum in Salzburg
Studying medicine in Innsbruck
1982 promotion to medical doctor
1987 – 1988 chief medical doctor for the United Nations in Syria
1988 – 1990 physician in the F.X.Mayr Center Golfhotel in Carintia Austria
1991 – 2005 Chief medical director in Lanserhof ( near Innsbruck, the leading medical wellness Hotel in Europe and developing the Lans-Med-Concept. President of the Lanser Institute for Regeneration Science.
2006 – 2012 medical director of the artepuri hotel meersinn in northern Germany ( and developing the artepuri concept ( .
Since 1998 board member of the International Society of F.X.Mayr Physicians and trainer and lecturer for F.X.Mayr medicine
Since 2010 president of the international society of F.X.Mayr Physicians (
Since 2010 CEO and shareholder of the arteprevent health consulting GmbH
Physician in lapura women´s health resort kamptal (

Further concepts created, developed and implemented by Dr. Alex Witasek:
• Implementation of F.X.Mayr medicine inr lapinha clinica SPA in Lapa near Curitiba Brazil.
• arteprevent concept for Nikolskaya Health Club Moscow (
• la pura Concept for the lapura womens health resort kamptal (
• arteprevent concept for Kempinski Hotel in Marienbad (under construction)
• arteprevent concept for Goms Village in Switzerland (under construction)
• arteprevent concept for Verba Clinic near Moscow (under construction)
• F.X.Mayr concept for Rixos Hotel in Ukraine (

Author of 6 books about healthiness and healthy nutrition.
Additional medical education: F.X.Mayr medicine, manual medicine, neural therapy, nutrition medicine, Myoreflextherapy, medical wellness,