to develop a medical concept
for a health resort / hotel

It poses a particular challenge to gain the market becoming increasingly opaque to the spa and medical spa scene a prominent position. In return, pays for a professional appearance, a quality sound and serious offer, especially at a time when the 6th Kondratieff cycle (health, education) to work effectively. That which is positioning itself as the first order has to be a competitive advantage over the many riders follow.

Pure Wellness is not worth more today to obtain a USP. The trick is to combine medical expertise with perfect service, comfort and holiday atmosphere. Wellness is combined with a therapeutic effect, Naturopathy combines with university medical, hotel is combined with diagnostic and therapeutic services. All this must be with a certain lightness, aesthetics, and an impressive maximum individuality for each guest will be offered.

Crucial is a logical concept, which sees both the guest and the staff, smooth operation, and a rapid onset of significant health benefits for all applications because the length of stay is shorter than with conventional treatments.

To invest those guests who are willing, even in their health and maintain healthy, have high standards and seek only first quality. They are challenging but for loyal guests when they are satisfied.

To ensure a successful implementation of holistic health publication, one on the house specifically tailored approach is needed.

arteprevent® the modern art of healthcare

is the optimal approach for this new kind of Health hospitality.

The arteprevent® concept is customized to the needs and specifics of each building.The intensity of medical services may in the circumstances, the intentions of the operator and the ability of therapists to be adjusted. What matters is whether and how many doctors will be hired.

The main pillars of the arteprevent® concept are:

Die Hauptsäulen des arteprevent® Konzepts

targets of the concept are:

Highest guest satisfaction with optimum efficiency.

The following configuration packages are offered:

I.) Medical Concept:

    • Analysis of target audience
    • Analysis of the unique features of the region to develop a USP for the therapeutic offers
    • Basic health orientation
    • Developing a USP for the house
    • Special diagnostic and therapeutic applications
    • Networking of benefit packages with vacation and spa atmosphere
    • The pillars of the concept with a precise explanation of its contents
    • Special choreography for combinations of applications (to promote sales! )
    • Recipes for their own products (food supplements from the orthomolecular medicine) and at the request of the manufacturing organization with its own label (these products are a good source of income without any significant staff effort and lend themselves well as the guests of advertising purchased for the house).
    • Packages to simplify the booking ability for the guest
    • Recommendation for a variety of tools, equipment and products for the medical-wellness section
    • Staff needs for various guests occupancy levels
    • Job description of medical staff
    • Dietary Guidance for the restaurant

II.) room concept:

    • Development of specific, appropriate therapy, the concept and function rooms.
    • Detailed description of all areas of the medical department with a description of ventilation requirements, heating, lighting, color scheme (according to the findings of the psychology of color), installation, electronics, furniture, acoustic sealing requirements, equipment needed per room.
    • arrangement of the rooms to each other for optimal staff-saving organizational procedures and good communication.
    • Needed room sizes
    • Required number of different classrooms based on the occupancy of the hotel.
    • Approximate cost of the required medical equipment and furniture.
    • Special requirements for hotel rooms for the optimal accommodation of health guest

III.) Operating Manual with the following contents:

    • All processes in the medical department
    • Guest Request
    • booking confirmation
    • welcome in the house
    • The first analysis
    • The extensive consultation of the guest
    • Scheduling
    • Quality Management
    • The implementation of all medical applications
    • The general handling of the guest
    • Complaints management (especially in regard to medical applications)
    • Communication between all therapists, medical and hotel, medical and kitchen
    • Advice for optimal computer software

IV.) support for Marketing and PR:

    • PR articles for the press and public relations agency
    • texts for flyers for company health care in the home and thus for the establishment of a network of companies
    • texts for guest information sheets for certain findings, symptoms and treatments
    • support the development of text for website and brochure
    • recommended prices for the different offers.

It's mostly about taking care of the fact that the guests before their arrival will not be disturbed by too much medical information, but then want to achieve on-site offer the best possible benefit from their treatments. In addition, the medical skills be taught that it makes them want to stay during the annual holiday budget.

V.) Selection and training the staff on local:

    2 days for help with the final selection of the medical staff on site.
    12 days training before the opening
    12 days from opening training
    2 x 6 days of training in the first six months after opening.

These courses cover all medical staff, the chefs, the restaurant service and the staff of the hotel reception (reception, reservations, marketing director).

Remaining accessible by phone and e-mail with the appropriate remote support during the first six months included after the opening.

IV.) Franchising

    If the brand name of "arteprevent®" and "GourMED Cuisine®" are to be used is mandatory that a franchise agreement.

It shows again that the very concept of space contributes significantly to the success and economic studies. True to the principle "form follows function" must first have the medical concept and, based on the concept of space can be created

The schedule is therefore as follows:

Medical concept

room concept

Detailed planning by the architects


Beginning of the marketing activities

Staff search

Employee Training


Ongoing quality assurance




The cooperation with the arte preventable health consulting GmbH with its partner and CEO Dr. Alex Witasek includes the benefits of a 25-year experience in the private health economy hotel, good networking with medical associations, research organizations and living projects.


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